16.12.2018, 15 hrs: Lecture “Art does not reproduce the visible but makes things visible” (Paul Klee) – lecture on the visionary design of heavenly beings in classical modernism

For centuries, the depiction of angels has been found in art in inexhaustible variations. Even pre-Christian paintings and sculptures show winged beings with a religious context. During the Middle Ages and the early modern age the focus was on the design of the three actions of the heavenly beings: angels as messengers at human beings, angels fighting the powers of darkness, angels worshipping God. In 19th/20th century, artists also dealt with this matter. Particularly in the late works of Paul Klee the winged hybrid being takes a significant role. Until today, the presentation of angels in visual arts is a recurring motif which is continually interpreted in different ways.

Speaker: Dr. Nathalie Frensch (Curator of modern art, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart)