20.1.2019, 15 hrs: Lecture: The droves of angels from Rexingen – historic and expressionist depictions of angels in St Johannes Baptist parish church

Walking into Rexingen’s parish church for the first time, one is deeply moved by the monumental wall painting in the sanctuary, created by Alfred Gottwald in 1947. It shows a mercy seat spreading over the whole back wall, framed by angel choirs with angular, highly stylized postures, flat, with big eyes. They are a stark contrast to the gentle-androgynous angel depictions of the early historic interior. This lecture is about the pictures, paraments and frescoes of Rexingen, which show known types of angels as well as unusual ones and which have been documented for the first time by the art inventory department in 2016.

Lecturer: Sebastian Eckert M.A. (Diocesan Museum Rottenburg, art inventory department)