2014-10-26, 3 p.m.: “Mary Gentle, kind of noble”

marienlob_2014Praise of Mary in the Diocesan Museum

The Diocesan Museum Rottenburg preserves a variety of high-quality representations of the Mother of God. Each of these works of art depicts the role of the Virgin in the plan of God to individual way.

“Madonna on the crescent moon” (around 1510) of the Neckar-Swabian “Master of Weilen,” a character who, because of their original medieval-union polychromy a great treasure is (Inv No. 7.6) the focus of the event. The carver with the Notnamen “Master of Weilen,” Mary is here standing on a crescent moon. This type of painting developed in the late Middle Ages and refers to the description of the apocalyptic woman in the Book of Revelation (Rev. 12.1). Marie songs from the time the sculpture often represent the aspect of devotional worship and Centres of the text and music.

Melanie Prange explains the sculpture art history in iconography and style, Wilfried Rombach and Thorsten Bleich music supplement Marie songs for voice and lute. Be sounded while Marie song settings of Arnolt Schlick, Ludwig Senfl and other composers who have survived in some of the most beautiful German song collections of the Renaissance.

About 60 minutes, then aperitifs

Dr. Melanie Prange (Art History)
Wilfried Rombach (tenor), Thorsten Bleich (Lute)