2014-12-11, 6:30 p.m.: Lecture

werner-mezger-2009“Learn salvation history playing: Pedagogy of reenactment and Cultural Memory”

Prof. Dr. Werner Mezger, University of Freiburg

The presentation runs the gamut from the first beginnings of theatrical depiction of the history of salvation in worship and liturgy over the flourishing of religious game in the late Middle Ages to the expression of large Figuralprozessionen in the early modern and Baroque. Our gaze is directed via the German speaking out primarily to Southern Europe by means of rich imagery, where still many spectacular forms of liturgical theater are alive – not least those in which the boundaries between devout game and slapstick. Finally, it should be looked at in this country still (or again) conventional small forms of religious theater and shown here, how can Biblical content anchor through playful reenactment in cultural memory.

Werner Mezger, known by numerous published books and television programs, is Professor of European Ethnology at the University of Freiburg and director of the Freiburg Institute of Ethnology of the Germans in Eastern Europe (IVDE).

Location: Zehntscheuer Rottenburg