2015-03-01 – 2015-09-30: put in GLOW.

Highlights of baroque piety in the small cabinet of the Diocesan Museum

The Diocesan Museum presents to September a small but fine selection of treasures baroque piety. In the attractive part of the art cabinet will invite you for an intimate look at works that are otherwise rarely shown to the public. There you will find delicate, fragile figurines that tell of the big unruly emotions of faith. Even the modern viewer takes this art directly to spell – precisely because of their powerful passions. Saints like Mary Magdalene and Peter emerge as passionate penitents. Others, like St. Francis, advised during their search for God in deep ecstasy. The art on display captures these extreme experiences of the body and feeling a virtuoso – in materials such as ivory and boxwood, in gold, stucco and painted color. This artistic skill course culminates in representations of Christ and Mary, who are represented based particularly exquisite objects.Rounding out the small retrospective by graphics of the High Baroque, which provides the Diocesan Museum from its rich collection. In combination with this picture Print rarely shown, surprising perspectives arise on what “replied glow” in the Baroque.

Figure: enlightenment of the hermit Macharius, copper engraving, Dutch, 1606, from: Solitudo Immersive Vitae Patrum Eremicolarum