2015/09/20: “A sign of welcome” in the Diocesan Museum Rottenburg

tag_der_begegnungWith regard to the events of recent weeks, the Diocesan Museum in September invites you to a special event to put a “sign of welcome” for refugees and all other new arrivals. On Sunday, 20 September, holding director Dr. Melanie Prange and Dr. Milan Wehnert at 11:00 a.m. a guide entitled “When Worlds change. Experience of departure and length “. Already at the Culture Night in May 2015, this program had encountered a noticeably large visitor interest. When looking at ancient art we come across issues of utmost relevance that deal with migration and cultural change. Which urgency of this issue should take a few months, was still barely conscious in May.

In the afternoon (from 3 p.m.), we invite all newcomers and all cordially to encounter interested to have a coffee in our Open House. The various staff explain their work and present the different areas of the museum and the collection. For children and families, there are many handicraft and possibilities of painting. Because art, creativity and common look no limits!