2016/02/14, 3 p.m.: Traces of early faith Botin Brigit of Kildare and their work

Experience art with all the senses – art and music

In our popular series, we invite again encounters particularly sensuous nature: paintings and sculptures delve through sacred music; concertante euphony combines with knowledgeable business considerations. 2016, we propose a wide arc: From the rugged beauty of Irish Christianity on the Gregorian chant of medieval monasteries to live full children’s songs to the saint of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, St. Martin of Tours.

Starting with a fascinating relief of a former altarpiece, the event highlights the life and work of Saint Brigit of Kildare (about 451-525). She founded one of the most important Irish monasteries in Kildare and is next to St Patrick and St. Columbanus as Irish patron saint.

Her cult in contemporary Europe was spread by iroschottische wandering monks. Brigida is considered Miraculous in diseases and patron saint of cattle.

At the event we admire art that is connected to the Saints follow their Vita and listening Celtic music. So the picture of a fascinating woman and Holy opens.

Music: Thorsten Bleich (bagpipe / historical plucked instruments)

Reading: Brigitte Maria Finke

The art-historical contributions at the events are presented by Dr. Melanie Prange and Dr. Milan Wehnert.

Duration: about 60 minutes
Admission: free