2016/02/21, 3 p.m.: In Ulm and around Ulm – THE Swabian metropolis of art at the beginning of the modern era

Rubbing shoulders! New Perspectives on Ancient Art

Once again, we invite you to get up close, touch of Christian art and allow to fascinate – with surprising additions:
What report artworks on our body, through the senses? What they tell of renunciation and asceticism?How do these meaningful works of art as a medieval altar change made? We also explore the late medieval metropolis Ulm, whose artistic work is richly represented in the Diocesan Museum. For the first time we also offer excursions to the art museums of Karlsruhe, Rottweil, which are closely linked to the Rottenburger collection.

The imperial city of Ulm was in 1500 one of the most productive art centers in southern Germany. With great works of Michel Erhart, Hans Multscher and Niklaus Weckmann the Ulmer Art in the Diocesan Museum is well represented and invites to exciting observations of this touching art that have emerged on the eve of the Reformation, and to step into the modern era.

Jörg Widmann MA, historian, Tübingen

Duration: about 60 minutes
Admission: € 5,-
A reservation to 2 days before the event is required.