2016/06/04, 11 a.m.: Treasure hunting! Discovery tour to sacred treasures

Children, art and church year – children’s tours of the Diocesan Museum

In the series “Children, art and church year” religious art be developed child-friendly and playful. We ask ourselves, what Biblical events represent the images, what messages they convey and what they mean today for us yet.

Here this year the view will be expanded. The tours, which take place in cooperation with the Institute for training and education of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, this year deal next to the Art in the Diocesan Museum with other sacred places Rotte Petersburg.

What a splendor! We consider golden altar equipment and sparkling garments up close, hear exciting stories from churches and monasteries and explore the treasures of faith, at which point all the treasures.

Dr. Milan Wehnert, Diocesan Museum Rottenburg

Admission: children free, adults € 3.50
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