2016/06/14, 4:30 p.m.: Crown on pillow – an Epiphany gift?

Church art at first hand!

Art and architecture are consistent witness of Christian life in the world. They reflect the religious coexistence of past centuries, preserving long-forgotten traditions and shape the cultural diversity of our presence. On the way into the modern knowledge of the significance of individual pieces is often lost.The art inventory of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart would like to receive this heritage; call current and seemingly forgotten art objects back into consciousness. Our event series tells of attic finds and church treasures that accompany our daily work. Interested persons are cordially invited.

Wrapped in tissue paper, hidden in cartons, so two crowns came in the rectory of St. Moritz store in Rottenburg to light. Even the Diocesan museum contains such “gems” but without an associated king from the East. In fact, there are Primiz crowns! It was carried in front of the newly ordained priests on the occasion of its first Mass in his home on his way from the parental home to the parish church. A custom that brings the theological interpretation of the first Mass manifest expression.

Dr. Iris Dostal-Melchinger, Diocesan Museum Rottenburg, art inventory

Duration: about 30 minutes
Admission: € 3.50