2016-10-18 – 2017-12-31: Close to Heaven. Liturgical treasures from the monastery Zwiefalten.

The new exhibition of the Diözesanmuseum Rottenburg is dedicated to one of the most time-honored church treasures of southern Germany – the treasury of the Benedictine Abbey Zwiefalten. His numerous reliquaries and altar vessels are of great religious value: Outstanding pieces here are the reliquary with their Christ relics, the processional cross with rhinestones and hand relic of St. Stephen. As the center of a splendid liturgy these relics brought the astonished faithful for centuries the “sky close” and made the holy with all senses experience. The same applies to the precious illuminations of liturgical manuscripts that emerged during the High Middle Ages the famous Zwiefaltener scriptorium and also for the magnificent vestments of the 17th and 18th centuries, in which the Zwiefaltener priest monks dressed to celebrate the Holy Mass. Even today, allow this sacred treasure pieces to their viewers intensive meetings with over a thousand years beliefs and their religious practices.

At the same time the objects also stand as works of art of exceptional rank: Excellent Masters have left valuables that make amazed – in their artisanal workmanship as well as the sheer preciousness of gold, silver and precious stones. Thus, the exhibition invites visitors to his high-profile tour of art and aesthetics in changing times and suggests an impressive arch of the Romanesque in the Renaissance to the Baroque and Rococo.

The treasure pieces shown also provide surprising insights into the cultural history: They tell of the link between religion and politics, but also from a vast network of relations, which joined the Swabian abbey with Jerusalem, Konstantin Opel and Poland. Here, the treasure pieces testify not least a fruitful exchange of the Latin Church with Christianity of the Greek East.

Are these individual pieces and the stories they tell, fascinating in itself, as is a special significance of the ensemble as a whole from: For over nearly a millennium – from the Gregorian reform of the 11th century until the secularisation 1802 – preserved the treasure the identity of the monastic community of Zwiefalten and accompanied her way through the upheavals and challenges of their respective eras.

In the exhibition, the Diocesan Museum Rottenburg most important treasure objects are first shown publicly in connection. The ensemble obtained reveals itself to the visitor in this case as an important testimony of European Christentums- and intellectual history.

The exhibition duration has been extended until the end of 2017.