2016/11/12, 3 p.m.: “Lord, let us share as Martin …” – Old and new Martin Songs

Experience art with all the senses – art and music

In our popular series, we invite again encounters particularly sensuous nature: paintings and sculptures delve through sacred music; concertante euphony combines with knowledgeable business considerations. 2016, we propose a wide arc: From the rugged beauty of Irish Christianity on the Gregorian chant of medieval monasteries to live full children’s songs to the saint of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, St. Martin of Tours.

Some still older than the beautiful and important Martins-customs are the songs over and around the Saints. At the latest from the kindergarten and school time and / or worship everyone knows the “Martins-Hits” that accompany many people a lifetime.

The children’s choir of St. Moritz want at this hour but imagine less well-known and new Martin Songs and inspire to sing along, because as recent as the Martins Embassy are also the song content from settings of our time!

How artists have mercy Martins depicted in their works, we will develop together on paintings of the Diocesan Museum.

Music: Children’s Choir St. Moritz with Instrumental Ensemble

Line: KMD Anton Aicher

The art-historical contributions at the events are presented by Dr. Melanie Prange and Dr. Milan Wehnert.

Duration: about 60 minutes
Admission: free