2014-05-27 – 2015-01-15: From deep earnestness and divine serenity

Spielend_GlaubenReligion and Games

Play as a basic human need is part of our religious practice. In liturgy and festival customs, in the monastic life in the Church and world theater developed various forms of “spiritual game.” In the Age of Enlightenment in part is prohibited, has nevertheless received with baby Jesus figures, Palm donkeys and Holy grave scenes a rich material culture, which is dedicated to a part of the exhibition.

“Religious game” in a broader sense however, takes place not only in the public church, but also in the private sphere. In card and board games, in illusionist magic lantern pictures, in the world of dolls and tin soldiers – show all motives which “convey the Christian beliefs playful.” This previously little-known world of religiously shaped toy is discussed through selected examples.

The presentation would thus result in the diversity of religious game in its “deep seriousness,” and in his “divine serenity” in mind.

The exhibition takes place in cooperation with the City Museum Tübingen, whose presentation “believe playfully. Religions in the nursery “to include other world religions.

“From deep earnestness and divine serenity,” quote from “The Spirit of the Liturgy” (1917), Romano Guardini (1885–1968), Catholic theologian