The upheavals in the Church are not only changing pastoral work on a broad scale. These changes are accompanied by the fact that liturgical places are increasingly being abandoned and sacred furnishings are ‘suddenly’ on the doorstep of diocesan depots. It is true that the past has also repeatedly led to parishes ‘having something to give away’. However, the potential abundance of expected “donations” now increasingly confronts dioceses with the question of what is preserved, what criteria are followed for storage and collection, and how to communicate what happens to the objects that cannot be deposited. Those responsible in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart are facing up to this discussion. They are doing it together with the Art Association of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and the Society of Christian Artists Freiburg, as both are concerned about the understanding of old and modern art as well as contemporary art in the church space with its possibilities. The Tübingen Chair of Liturgy Prof. Dr. Stefan Winter, art commissioners from other dioceses and artists who are currently contributing through their actions to ensuring that art remains in church spaces and that these spaces are strengthened as a result will provide impulses on the subject. Invited to perceive and discuss are the members of the two associations as well as, in particular, interested parties from the parishes who are touched by the topic or see themselves confronted with it. In order to ensure that the meeting will take place even if the incidence should rise again, it will be held digitally. This format also allows for broader participation.


Thursday, 14.10.2021 (19:30 to 21:00)

Evening lecture

From 19:00 Login

19:30 Welcome
Martin R. Handschuh

19:45 In Change(s). How church furnishings must change, because liturgy is encounter
Prof. Dr. Stephan Winter

20:30 Reflection and discussion

21:00 End


Friday, 15.10.2021 (9:00 to 12:30)

Section 1:
Stored and collected : Characteristics and tasks of diocesan repositories

from 8:30 Login

9:00 Welcome
Martin R. Handschuh

9:10 Impulse
Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Gerhard Schneider

9:20 Short film: The Diocesan Depot in Obermarchtal – an insight

9:30 iconoclasm – liturgical atrophy – profanations on the horizon. The origins of the depot in Obermarchtal
Dr. Thomas Schwieren

Consecrated. Preserved. Forgotten? Tasks, concepts and opportunities of the diocesan depot in the 21st century
Dr. Melanie Prange

10:15 Break

10:30 From Light Candles to Lüpertz
Dr. Maria Baumann

11:00 What do we want to preserve. Between need and tradition
Dr. Anna Pawlik

11:30 Discussion

12:30 Lunch break

Friday, 15.10.2021 (14:00 to 16:30)

Section 2:
Dealing with art today, so that art remains and (church) spaces are strengthened

14:00 Permanently ephemeral.
Media art for the sacred space
Karen Irmer

14:30 Participation and dialogue
The Listener and Other Projects
Sara Opic

15:00 Break

15:15 Staging and Digital Space
Philipp Contag-Lada

15:45 Discussion

16:15 Outlook, thanks, notes and farewells

16:30 End of the conference

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