Sülchenkirche is open

Guided tours of the Sülchenkirche take place on Sunday afternoons at 2.30 pm.

Our digital offer “Treasures from the Sülchen Church” will continue to introduce you digitally to the world of early medieval Sülchen.

Sülchen has served as a burial site for about 1,500 years. The finds discovered during the most recent archaeological excavations (2011-2017) are outstanding evidence of Christian piety – from the Early Middle Ages to the Baroque.

The church (mid-15th century) also derives its significance from its use as an episcopal burial ground since 1869. The historic crypt was abandoned in the course of the last restoration, thus making the remains of two predecessor buildings (around 1000 / 1120/30) accessible to visitors.

The new crypt – a prayer room built in rammed earth under the church longhouse – was designed by the Bregenz architectural firm of Cukrowicz Nachbaur. The appeal of the architecture lies in the tension between the contemporary aesthetics and the deep historical and religious symbolism.

The Diocesan Museum makes the historical significance and the variety of uses of Sülchen tangible in an annual special guided tour programme. Children should also be able to experience the richness of the place in a vivid way. Therefore, the museum also offers special dates for our young visitors.

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Public tours and events

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Dates: usually Sunday, 2.30 p.m.

Meeting point: Main portal of the Sülchen church.

Admission fee:
Adults: 5 euros
Adults (reduced) and pupils from 12 years: 3 euros
Children up to 12 years free
Please have the entrance fee ready on site.