Guided tours

With expertise through the Sülchen church in Rottenburg

Public guided tours

Dates for public tours usually take place on Sundays. You can find all dates in our schedule.

Registration: currently required
Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Admission fee: 5,- Euro per person (children up to 12 years free).
Meeting point: main portal of the church


Matthias Raidt M. A.
Phone: 0160 1635388

Individual guided tours

Guided tours for groups are available on request.

Admission fee: 25,- EUR plus 3,- EUR per person (children up to 12 years free).

The space in the exhibition area allows only a limited number of participants, currently 15 per tour.
Please plan two guided tours for larger groups.

As the Sülchen church still functions as a cemetery church, no guided tours can take place between 1 pm and 3.30 pm.

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Children and young people / day care centre and school

Events for children and young people are held regularly.

You are also welcome to book guided tours for children or young people, e.g. with archaeological practice.

Entrance fee: 3,- EUR per person (children up to 12 years free)

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The boy with the sword and the girl with the gold coin

A real archaeologist, who was also present at the excavations in Troy, shows and explains the history and secrets in Sülchen to children and young people.

First we uncover mysteries in the ancient church, then we go really deep down to the excavations – and there the girl and the boy are waiting. Both have brought back a lot of things from their time, and that then begins to tell.

Picture credits: ©Patrick Hipp,; ©Privatbild, Matthias Raidt,; ©Landesamt für Denkmalpflege im RP Stuttgart, Dienstsitz Tübingen