The Foundation Wegzeichen–Lebenszeichen–Glaubenszeichen („Signposts–Signs of life–Signs of faith“) is offering the Foundation Award 2021 for outstanding activities for the preservation, construction or documentation of Christian signs of the way in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

Prize-worthy activities are, for example:

  • Activities to safeguard and preserve a small religious monument
  • Restoration and renovation work
  • Documentation of small religious monuments on site or in the region
  • Questioning the owners of small religious monuments about the history of a small monument, the motivation of the builders, etc.
  • Films/videos/sound documents on the subject
  • New construction of a small religious monument

The commitment of young people to religious waymarks is rewarded with a special prize. They are called upon, for example, to look into the wayside signs in their locality or to think about erecting a new religious sign.

Individuals, groups or associations can apply for the prize, but not church or political communities or official institutions. The project proposed for the award must have been completed at the time of application (but no longer than 2 years!) and be located on the territory of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. Unfortunately, projects that have already received a funding grant from the Wegzeichen Foundation cannot be considered for an application for the Foundation Award.

You can find detailed information here.