Finissage of the exhibition "Vulnerable" in St. Maria, Stuttgart

The Stuttgart part of the exhibition “Vulnerable” will end on 24 July 2022 “danced, imprivatised”. The internationally renowned choreographer, dancer and dance educator Yahi Nestor Gahe will interpret the Vulnerable in a dance improvisation. He will be accompanied by the Rottenburg Cathedral organist Ruben J. Sturm with improvisations on the organ. This will be a dignified and artistically demanding end to the extraordinary exhibition in St. Maria.

Music: Prof. Ruben J. Sturm (Cathedral organist / Professor for organ literature playing and organ improvisation; Rottenburg).

Dance: Yahi Nestor Gahe (choreographer / dancer / dance teacher; Stuttgart)

Admission for young people aged 12 and over is €5, adults pay €10.