From fragile glass bubbles that adhere to rough stone surfaces to bronze figures that radiate quiet tenderness – the exhibition “palpably delicate” documents Susanne Roewer’s fascination and masterful handling of the power of contrasts.

The most diverse, seemingly incompatible materials find a poetic unity in the works of the Berlin sculptor. Through the interplay of glass, iron, brass, alabaster and gold, the artist breathes lightness into heaviness, allows one to sense fragility in the raw material and relates strength and vulnerability to one another – whether in small, intimate works or in monumental installations. In the rooms and in the garden of the museum, the sculptures unfold a sensual aura and tell of unbridled possibilities of perception and the joy of experimentation. Archaic-looking forms inspired by religion and mythology give contemporary expression to the immaterial – in a tangible and delicate way at the same time.


Susanne Roewer (*1971 in Bad Schlema) first studied materials science at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg before switching to sculpture and graphics at the Berlin University of the Arts. After graduating, she founded the G7 Berlin Network Gallery and subsequently cooperated with various collectors and funding programmes in Switzerland. Her works can be seen all over the world.

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