Matthias Raidt is a Catholic theologian and archaeologist. He was part of the excavation team in Troy for several years and also worked there as a scientific guide and as an author on documentary films for the major television stations.

Matthias Raidt also worked for many years as a tour guide for study trips in Rome. Along the way, he wrote historical novels for young people set either in Troy or Rome. In his latest book, “111 Reasons to Love Rome” (Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Berlin), he gives travellers helpful insights into the metropolis on the Tiber. He also works as a freelance presenter for a large radio station in Stuttgart and hosts large live events on stage. While at school, he taught Latin and English to private students at a boarding school in Rottenburg.

Since 2017, he has been leading and organising guided tours of the Sülchen Church; very recently, he published the documentary series “Treasures from the Sülchen Church” on YouTube.