Until mid-October, our exhibition “Tangible delicate” shows the glass, metal and alabaster sculptures of the renowned Berlin sculptor Susanne Roewer. With a high degree of sensuality and irrepressible power, the artist creates works that seem primordial and futuristic at the same time. The dream-like figures combine pressing political-social themes with religious and literary references. Sometimes her installations are light and airy, characterised by transparency and a shimmering sheen, sometimes they are iron and heavy, firmly adhering to the ground. They show the viewer a world outside the everyday, where opposites meet and living things are created from inorganic matter.

For the exhibition’s finissage on Saturday, 14 October at 5 p.m., Susanne Roewer will once again come to Rottenburg for a cosy evening with film derby. A series of short films and film snippets of an artistic nature are shown in the museum. There is time for snacks and a glass of wine before, between and after the films.

Image caption:
Christian Bahrmann, Wolfgang Schilke and Susanne Roewer
Film still: Between two cups of coffee
(n. y.)