Bunsen also had an intensive dialogue with the sociologist Dirk Baecker on the processes involved in the creation of art. This conversation between art and systems theory also gave rise to the paintings on show in the exhibition.

Vita Frederick D. Bunsen

  • born on 8 February 1952 in El Paso, Texas, USA
  • Studied fine arts and art history at Oregon State University and the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart
  • Initiated university cooperation between Stuttgart, Romania and the USA
  • Member of the Künstlerbund Tübingen, the board of the Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart and the board of the Kunstverein der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart
  • Founder and director of the Art Road Way art school at Schönbuch
  • Focus of artistic practice: free painting, free graphics, installation
  • Interests: Art didactics, culture relations, systems theory

Accompanying programme to the exhibition