VULNERABLE – Art Competition of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart

Within the framework of the art competition of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart (July – October 2021), individual positions, interpretations and forms of expression of the vulnerable were sought. The aim of the competition was to promote young creatives at the beginning of their careers and to provide a platform to make current works accessible to a broad audience.

Around 600 young creatives applied for the competition under the patronage of Bishop Dr Gebhard Fürst. The diversity of interpretations is deeply impressive – both in terms of content and form. Contemporary art forms such as installations, video and sound works, projections and performances were presented, as well as objects from the classical visual arts, including paintings, drawings and sculptures.

In order to be able to look at the submitted works from an interdisciplinary perspective, a 10-member jury was appointed from the fields of art, culture and theology. After three intensive jury sessions, the panel named 25 prize winners from different genres and art forms. Nine works were selected for a main prize; 16 works received a promotional prize. The works were shown in two (tandem) exhibitions: in St. Maria (Stuttgart) and in the Diözesanmuseum Rottenburg.

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