In the spring and summer of 1938, after Sproll abstained from the election, National Socialist groups besieged the Palais, throwing stones through the windows and smearing inflammatory slogans on the sidewalk. For weeks there were noisy rallies in front of the palace demanding the bishop’s expulsion, dismissal or resignation. On July 23, 1938, the gate was broken open and Sproll’s apartment stormed and vandalized. The historic gate and the foyer thus themselves refer to Sproll’s persecution, which was also directly physical.

Visitors can expect a modern exploration of the stations of Sproll’s life, but also of the political context in which he moved. An impressive media presentation as well as objects and quotations make the life of the bishop and his commitment against National Socialism vivid. The presented, original expressions of loyalty by Catholics from the diocese express the solidarity of the faithful and illustrate how much the story of Bishop Sproll is the story of an entire diocese. The exhibition is also vividly designed for children, young people and school classes.

Concept: Diocesan Archives and Diocesan Museum Rottenburg

Architects: von Jacobs, exhibition design – interior design, Marina von Jacobs – Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Interior Design, Stuttgart

Completion: 2020


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Hildegard Weidenauer

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Dr. Herbert Aderbauer

Cooperation partner in the Diocesan Archives Rottenburg

Diocesan Archives
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Cooperation partner in the Diocesan Archives Rottenburg


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